Thunderbird Rectangulo Bed- Light Grey

Our epic Thunderbird floor pillows are absolutely perfecto!  They compliment and beautify any home space and are excellent for humans and pets to lounge on! Sparrows are the inspiration for this traditional design. Up cycled clothes are converted into weaving yarn creating a unique & customized color that varies batch to batch. Each blanket is hand spindled and then hand woven by indigenous artisans in Mexico on old wooden looms. This is almost a lost art and is a skill that has been passed down for generations, with each family adding their own signature style of design within the weave. Each bed is truly unique and magical, not to mention eco friendly! Enjoy!

small:  23"x20"x4" up to 30lbs

medium: 35" x 25" x 5.5" up to 60lbs

large: 40"x32"x6" up to 80lbs

xl: 48"x 36"x6" up to 120lbs
-recycled acrylic, cotton blend
-surplus denim bottom
-filled with eco friendly polyester

 Please Note: Color may vary from image. Bird placement may vary bed to bed. Each hand woven blanket is unique in design and color. Birds may vary in design pattern/color scheme. Striations of other thread colors may be interwoven. Blankets may vary in overall color & design batch to batch. We use surplus eco-friendly denim. There will be slight variations within the shades of denim and darker denim may color transfer. Handle with care. Due to the hand made nature of this textile it may pill/unweave naturally with wear.

Care: Machine wash cover, cold water, delicate cycle. Line dry. Or Dry Clean Only. Do not bleach. Do not wash inserts-spot clean only.


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