Diamante large square pillow bed

These beautiful square pillows are great for your fur baby to lounge on, you can even throw them on your couch or bed! They’re large and add a fun pop to any space! Our handwoven diamante blankets are made from sustainable yarn. Each one is woven on wooden looms by our artisan weavers. Enjoy!

-32”x 32” square

-surplus denim bottom

-zipper in inner lining

-polyester filling

-handcrafted in Los Angeles



 Care instructions: Dry clean only for best results. Hand wash, air dry at your own discretion. With regular wear and tear beds will unweave, pill and fray due to the nature of the sustainable yarn. Do not machine wash or wash inserts-spot clean only.

Please Note: Due to the hand woven nature of each of these blankets there will be slight variations in striping/coloring and natural imperfections. Striping placement will vary bumper to bumper. We use surplus eco-friendly denim. There will be slight variations within the shades of denim and darker denim may color transfer. Handle with care.The weave of this textile may naturally pill/wear over time. No two are alike which is also part of their charm!



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