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Thunderbird Rectangulo Bed- Gold

Thunderbird Rectangulo Bed- Gold

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Our Thunderbird floor pillows compliment and beautify any home space and are excellent for humans and pets to lounge on! Sparrows are the inspiration for this traditional design. Upcycled clothes are converted into weaving yarn creating a unique & customized color that varies batch to batch. Each blanket is hand spindled and then hand woven by indigenous artisans in Mexico on old wooden looms. This is almost a lost art and is a skill that has been passed down for generations, with each family adding their own signature style of design within the weave. Each bed is truly unique and magical, not to mention eco friendly! Enjoy!

* Coloring will slightly vary,  bird placement/design will vary with each bed from image. Please email us if you have any product inquiries before ordering 



For any sizing, colors, images or any inquires. Please contact us for more info


Sustainable yarn - Acrylic/Polyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester Insert, Surplus denim bottom

Each hand woven blanket is unique in design and color. No two are alike and will vary batch to batch in color & pattern as these are hand loomed.  Due to the hand made nature of this textile it may pill over time and naturally unweave with wear. We use surplus eco-friendly denim. There will be slight variations within the shades of denim and darker denim may color transfer. Handle with care. No two are alike which is also part of their charm!


small:  23"x 23"

medium:  28"x 28"

large: 35"x 35"

Care info

Our textiles are handwoven and require extra care. We take great measure to reinforce our textiles & make them durable, BUT they are not going to be indestructible and can potentially unweave, pill and fray with wear, tear, weight and time. We have customers with beds that have lasted a few years and some a few months. It’s all dependent on the pets daily wear, tear & usage. 

Even if your dog is "extremely gentle" or any type of digging or biting can potentially jeopardize the textile, machine washing is too hard on the textile so Dry Clean only.

Do not "Gentle Cycle" wash your bed, the weight of the water absorbed into the yarn, along with the weight of the zipper and the swishing of the machine is too hard on this speciality upcycled textile. Your bed will last longer if you Dry Clean only.

Return policy

Please make sure you read all product descriptions and care instructions before purchasing. All Sales are final, we do not offer returns/refunds or exchanges. We do not keep stock and we start working away once your order is placed, so it's pretty much a custom order.

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  • Handcrafted

  • Upcycled materials

  • We support our artisans

The handcrafted process

All of the yarn used for each blanket is comprised of up cycled clothes. The clothes are chopped down into fiber and spooled into yarn. Once each spool of yarn is hand spindled it then is hand woven on a wooden loom by our talented Mexian artisans. This is almost a lost art and is a skill that has been passed down for generations, with each family adding their own signature style of design within the weave.

Each piece is then individually handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. Each blanket is cut specifically to fill your order – no wasted stock and each item is one of a kind!