Our blankets are made from recycled clothes that are chopped up into fiber. They are then spooled into yarn and handwoven by our weavers on wooden looms. The recyclable yarn is comprised of different fibers attributing to inconsistencies in the fiber and imperfections in the blanket.

We reinforce each blanket through a specialized process that adheres a secondary fused fabric for durability. We use the strongest fuse we possibly can, each bed is overlock & double stitched on industrial sewing machines. 

The extra measures we take help make our textiles stronger but they are not indestructible. At the end of the day we are working with a handmade, recyclable product that is susceptible to tearing, unweaving, unstitching and pilling. These are not commercial beds that are massed produced.

Our beds are small batched-handcrafted and made from recyclable yarn. Each piece is handmade so please treat with care and Dry Clean Only for best results & longevity.