Jerga Rectangulo Pillow Bed- Black

Historically, jerga was woven as a utilitarian fabric, used as a tarp, carrier, cleaning, wrapping things up and ponchos. Until we got our hands on some! We've taken this every day useful fabric and have created a uber-cool beach vibe pillow bed for your furry friend! You can even use them as pillows for your own bed! We love anything multifunctional and it softens with each wash!  

small: 22"x20"

medium: 24"x 35"

large: 30x42"

extra large: 35"x46"

-100% cotton

-salvage denim bottom

-machine wash delicate cycle, air dry

-designed in Venice made in East LA

Please Note: Due to the nature and size of this textile it only comes in specific widths.  In order to create medium, large, extra large bed sizes we sew an extra strip of the fabric to yield the width of the cover.  




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