Chayo Donut Bumper Bed- Black

Historically, jerga was woven as a utilitarian fabric, used as a tarp, carrier, cleaning, wrapping things up and ponchos. Until we got our hands on some! We've taken this every day useful fabric and have created a uber-cool beach vibe donut bed for your furry friend! It's reversible and softens with each wash!  

small: 22"x 22"x 6"

medium: 28"x28"x 6"

large: 33"x 32"x6

extra large: 38"x 38"x 6"

-100% cotton

-straight to fill, cover is not removable

-wash at your discretion on delicate cycle, air dry

-designed in Venice made in East LA

Please Note: Due to the nature and size of this textile it only comes in specific widths.  We may sew extra strips to yield the cover of the bed.