Saltillo Serape Tipi Casita- Pink

We've created a handcrafted tipi lounge for your wee furry one! It's the perfect spot to hide, curl up and get some much needed R & R! It's so colorfully boho-chic and will be the perfect addition to any corner of your space. Watch out! You'll try to get in!

-Serape blanket panels

-deadstock denim piping

-26"height x 21"width

-9.5"circle opening

-4qty 5/8"x 36"pine wood dowels

Please Note: No two are alike, serape coloring and design may vary panel by panel. Opening may slightly gape due to the thickness of the dead-stock denim used. 

Care: Hand wash tipi and cushion covers. 

Grey Serape
White Serape
Azul Serape
Brown Serape

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